is this just for teachers?

Absolutely not! Anyone is welcomed to join us. Non-educators cannot go into the schools with us, but they are welcome to do everything else. Additionally, they would need to be self-sufficient. If you have a question about this possibility, email us and we can discuss your options.

What's included in the cost of All trips? 

  • Any group activities that are planned by us as a part of the trip, not side trips

  • Background Check

  • Bookbag Tours Conclusive Summit
    -Cultural feast with the hosts and principals

  • Welcome Reception

What about air fare?

We're glad you asked! We keep our costs lower for you by providing you the opportunity, and flexibility, to book your own flight. You can fly from anywhere in the world to our learning destination and even use your frequent flier miles if you like! Giving you the flexibility to book your own flight and meet us there is the best way to ensure you get the most bang for your buck-- we'll even be there to pick you up at the airport!  

For  most trips, we will put together a group flight as well.

However, we understand that booking a flight can be confusing and we are there to assist! We are completely willing, and able, to assist you in every aspect of your journey. Simply let us know if you need any suggestions and we will walk through this experience with you from start to finish.

is insurance provided?

You have the option. We will give you a quote.

How Do i pay?

We have a few different options for payment:

  • Check made payable to:

                        Bookbag Tours

                        205 Kensington Rd

                        Greenville, SC 29617

  • Money Order

  • Pay Pal

  • Venmo: @kenneth-george-4

  • Credit Card: For deposit. Any Credit Card Charges, after the deposit will incur a 3.5% fee

  • Cash: if you are close by!

Can I start a payment plan?

Of course! However, the payment plan you set up with us will be very flexible. If you miss a month, no big deal! As long as all payments are completed by the final payment plan, you are all set. You pay as much, or as little as you want, when you want.  We want to be as accommodating as possible!

Are my trips refundable if something comes up? 

We will do our best to refund as much as possible up until 4 weeks of your trip. Some things (background checks, air line tickets, etc) cannot be refunded, unless covered by travel insurance.

is there a way i could go early or extend my stay?

Definitely! As long as you are present for our opening welcome reception in order to meet our hosts.  We are willing to assist you in any way to extend your journey on the front end or back end of the trip.  Just let us know your preferred dates and we can help with planning, lodging, transportation, and any activities you would want to do.

How do i know if i'm doing a home stay or hotel?

Whether our team does a home stay, or a hotel, depends on the country. Some countries allow home stays, but some experiences are better if staying in a hotel. Additionally, if doing a home stay, you might not be with your host the entire stay. Some countries have allowed us the opportunity to do home stays for a portion of the trip and lodge in hotels for another portion. If you have any questions regarding lodging of a particular trip, please let us know!

Who are the leaders?

 We have qualified leaders that will help with the journey and provide quality professional development.  

how do i get professional development?

Several counties in South Carolina are already acquainted with Bookbag Tours and our opportunities. Speak to your administration for requirements of professional development and let us know exactly what you need. We can easily send documentation to your principal or district to make the process of professional development as pain-free as possible.

What do i need to bring?

A thorough packing list will be sent to you upon booking your trip! Some things you DEFINITELY need: 

  • A passport that doesn't expire any sooner than 6 months of your trip

  • A valid US license

  • Spending money for lunch, dinner, shopping, or anything you do in your free time

  • International power adapter

  • A great attitude

What are some things I get out of this besides a life changing, career shaping, global experience?

Where do we begin? We could be here all day but here are three very practical things:

  • Depending on your district, you can get professional development credit just for going on this trip! Check with us, or check with your district for more info.

  • This is a major resume booster. For recent graduating college students looking for their first teaching job, or for a veteran teacher looking to spice up their LinkedIn profile, these trips are the perfect way to show that you have an edge and are ready to accommodate a multicultural classroom.

  • Hopefully you will be able to come up with a great project that connects your classroom with a classroom somewhere around the world. It's up to you!