• is this just for teachers?

Absolutely not! Anyone is welcomed to join. We will be spending quite a bit of time in the classroom, observing the teaching strategies of the native teachers to bring back and use in our own classrooms. If this sounds cool to you, then come! We especially love university students to have this opportunity. 


What's included in the cost of the trip?

A lot. 

  • Group transportation
  • Room and board (we give our host families a stipend) 
  • Any group activities that are planned by us as a part of the trip
  • Breakfast
  • Your background check
  • Traveler's insurance
  • Bookbag Tours Conclusive Summit
    -Cultural feast with the hosts and principals
    -Keynote speaker

Who all from Bookbag tours goes?

Either Ken or Hannah (sometimes both if you're lucky!), a BBT trained travel guide, a photographer/videographer, and if needed, a translator. 


Are my trips refundable if something comes up? 

We will do our best to refund as much as possible up until 3 weeks of your trip. Some things (background checks, air line tickets, etc) just can't be refunded but we wish they could be!

What do i need to bring?

A thorough packing list will be sent to you upon booking your trip! Some things you DEFINITELY need: 

  • A passport that doesn't expire any sooner than 6 months of your trip
  • A valid US license
  • Spending money for lunch, dinner, shopping, anything you do in your free time

What are some things I get out of this besides a life changing, career shaping, global experience?

Where do we begin? We could be here all day but here are three very practical things:

  • These trips are tax deductible for educators and university students pursuing a career in education.
  • Depending on your district, you can get professional development credit just for going on this trip! Check with us, or check with your district for more info.
  • This is a major resume booster. For recently graduated college students looking for their first teaching job or for a veteran teacher looking to spice up their LinkedIn profile, these trips are the perfect way to show that you have an edge and are ready to accommodate a multicultural classroom.  

What about air fare....

We're glad you asked! We keep our costs lower for you by providing you the opportunity and flexibility to book your own flight. You can fly from anywhere in the world to our learning destination and even use your frequent flier miles if you like! Giving you the flexibility to book your own flight and meet us there is the best way to ensure you get the most bang for your buck-- we'll even be there to pick you up at the airport!  However, we will help you book your flight.  Just ask.