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May 11th - May 20th


Petteri Elo (Presenter, Teacher and Educational Enthusiast)


Journey to this magnificent Northern European nation known for its vast wilderness, exquisite ski resorts, and the Northern Lights. Visit the some of the most highly rated schools in the entire world as a professional development opportunity while enjoying a  scenic canal cruise and a trip to the medieval city of Porvoo. Explore Finland’s wondrous wilderness, celebrated cities, and superior schools on this 2019 tour.

Proposed Itinerary

May 11th – fly to Helsinki (can be adjusted for college graduates)

May  12th – Free day to acclimate, settle in and explore on their own

May 13th (First full day you have for activity):

Activity # 1:

- Workshop: Finnish education system and National Core Curriculum in Action. In this session you will gain understanding and insights to the Finnish education system and National Core Curriculum to better understanding the stand that the society takes regarding education. You will study some of the key elements of the curriculum and its skill-based approach to gain understanding of the reforms that the system is going through to better meet the demands of the 21st century.  

  • Facilitator: Petteri Elo (Duration 2,5h - 3h.) Location: Finnish National Agency for Education or The University of Helsinki

Activity # 2:

  • A visit to Suomenlinna, fortress island on the coast of Helsinki
  • Guide: Petteri Elo - Duration 3 hours

May 14th

Activity #1:

  • A school visit - Duration  2,5h - 3h.

Activity #2:

  • Workshop: Modelling Professional Development. In this workshop you will be presented with a simple yet effective way to keep yourself  active and innovative as a professional. The facilitator will demonstrate how he works this model in practice. This will provide you with more insights to combining skill and content objectives for teaching and learning.
  •  Facilitator: Petteri Elo - Duration 2,5h - 3h. - Location: Finnish National Agency for Education or The University of Helsinki

May 15th

Activity #1:

  • A school visit. - Duration  2,5h - 3h.

Activity #2

  • Workshop: Conversations with Finnish students. In this workshop you will have a chance to meet with a group of Finnish middle school / high school student. You will have a chance to pick their brains on what it means to be a student in Finland. You will also collaborate with them in creating a truly students- and skill-centered project plan that you can take home with you to be executed in your classroom.  Duration 2h-2,5h.
  • Location: Finnish National Agency for Education or The University of Helsinki

May 16th


Day in a life of a Finn: Sauna, Salmon and Surroundings

  • This day will take you to Kuusijärvi,, a small recreational center just 30 drive away from the city center of Helsinki. We will enjoy the area by strolling/jogging around the lake, after which we will go to the public sauna and have a dip in the lake, as Finns do it. After this ultimate Finnish experience we will stroll through the forest to Petteri's house where he will prepare a traditional Finnish lunch including freshly smoked salmon, sausages, salad and refreshments.
  • Host: Petteri Elo - Duration: about 6h

May 17th - Visit Provoo

May 18th  - Free Day and Canal Cruise

May 19th  - Free Day (optional side trip to Half-Day Nature Adventure to Nuuksio National Park)

May 20th – Return USA or extend your stay and go to Paris, London, etc..!

Deposit Deadline is March 31st, 2019

Cost:  $1985 plus Airfare

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  • All Trips are very flexible. If you want to make some changes, or bring family contact us and we will help you make the most of your visit!

  • 20+ hours Professional Development in the renowned Finish schools observing teachers

  • All the outings, plus a 2 Day Helsinki Pass

  • Walking Tour of Helsinki

  • All Ground Transportation

  • Housing and breakfast

  • Background check

  • Welcome Reception

  • One Dinner