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Our trips

On our trips, you will have the opportunity to spend time in an international classroom for a minimum of 3 days. Bookbag tours offers educators a unique experience because we not only provide this valuable classroom immersion, but we also arrange home stays with an international teacher from your same field. We seek to pair elementary teachers with other elementary teachers (within the same grade level if possible), special education teachers with other special education teachers, and secondary teachers with other secondary teachers. Although we encourage homes stays to further enrich your experience, your trip is customizable; we offer hotel options and the potential in some countries to stay as a group. While in the classrooms, you will assist, observe, and partner with your host teacher in the hopes of learning new strategies and establishing a relationship that could lead to a shared project between your classrooms. In addition to your time in the classroom, you will also be able to immerse yourself in the culture and see the sights! Enjoy the opportunity to customize your trip to your exact preferences by being able to extend your visit, plan additional activities, or rearrange your personal itinerary. Sign up today to begin your own journey to see the greatest global classroom: the World!


Why bookbag tours

Immerse yourself in classrooms around the world! Acquire new teaching strategies in schools around the globe through observation and engagement, expand your network, interact with students, receive professional development credit, build your resume with multicultural experiences, and explore the area like a local.


Bookbag tour teachers travel, explore, observe, collect,  and share in classrooms around the globe, then return to their own classrooms better than ever.