Why this matters- Teacher Joy Babcock

I have always loved to travel. Something about leaving my comfort zone to experience the life and culture of another country has always been appealing to me. If my schedule and money allowed, I would travel all the time! However, as a recent college graduate, I did not have much time during my studies to pursue my passion for traveling. I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and with that major comes the responsibilities of lesson planning, placements, and rigorous courses. Unfortunately, that major didn’t allow time for a study abroad. Thankfully, I was able to travel during my summers due to some sponsorships I received.  Travel experiences to other countries can make a person more marketable as a teacher.

When I applied for teaching positions, I put all of my traveling experiences on my resume. I found that many principals look for multicultural experiences. In fact, my current assistant principal and I quickly connected because we have both traveled to Africa. Having global travel experience gave me an edge because I understand that the future of our students is a globally connected one. Additionally, travel experience also allowed me to better understand the wide variety of cultural backgrounds I see in my classroom. I feel as if I can relate more to my students as well as adapt my teaching techniques due to my international experiences.

I recently returned from a trip to London with Bookbag Tours. It was amazing to see other teachers and students in a classroom so different than the one that I am accustomed to. This organization provided me with a life changing experience which enabled me to increase my global connections with international schools and teachers. One of the best aspects of the trip was that I didn’t have to block out two months of my life for a study abroad. The trip was the perfect amount of time and it was very affordable (which is perfect because all of my money is now going towards supplies for my first classroom.)

There are so many benefits from observing teachers in your own school…Why not take those observations internationally?!